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Growing up during the holidays, it was tradition to visit Papa and Granny’s house to bake and decorate cookies. This childhood tradition turned into a lifelong love. Now that my grandparents are gone, I bake to keep their memory alive. I altered my grandfather’s roll out cookie recipe to hold shapes better, plus I added a little something to make them just melt in your mouth.

But before my grandparents passed, the last few years of their lives my husband and I were their primary caregivers. We lived with them and cared for them. Because of this, it was challenging for me to work even a part time job. When I learned Texas passed the Cottage Food Law Bill, I was ecstatic and began to build Crumbs Bakery. I felt as though I was becoming successful, however, it was time for a change. Not for the bakery, or my love to bake, but by this time, my grandfather had passed, and my grandmother’s Alzheimer's was too much to handle. We needed to place her into a 24hr assisted care facility for her safety. Once we found the perfect location, just miles from my mom and aunt, my husband and I moved across Texas, to our “small” town of San Angelo, TX.

When we moved, I knew I could not continue the home bakery, only because I did not have the clientele to get going and pay for all our bills. Instead, I temporarily closed the doors, with every intention of reopening. And THAT TIME IS NOW! I have a plan to start decorating classes out of my home, and of course creating custom and beautiful cakes and cookies for your enjoyment. Please, let me know how I can help you have nothing but crumbs!


San Angelo, TX

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